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Lock access control system trouble-shootings

(II)how to tell what problem is on the electronic hotel door lock or access reader

  • Troubleshooting list (light and sound prompt):
    No. Noise & light symptom Reason Suggested solution
    1 red light flickers 1.Key card is not cut from valid software; or key card has been encrypted correctly.
    2. Door lock or access reader has problem on reading card.
    1.Contact supplier to encrypt key card or reissue a new valid key card for another try;
    2. hold key card in good position to the sensor of door lock / access reader .
    2 blue light*1+ beep*1 + red light*1 Double lock of door lock is on but the key card has no right to open. reissue a key card with right to open double lock
    3 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*2 1. Key card is expired;
    2. The time of door lock or access reader is incorrect
    1.to reissue a valid key card;
    2. clock the door lock / access reader by handheld terminal or clock card.
    4 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*3 Room number of key card doesn’t match the lock. 1.Reissue a key card with correct room;
    2.program the lock or access reader with by correct install card(installation card) or handheld terminal
    5 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*4 The valid start time of door lock or access reader is later than the start time of this card.(We call it "Card is replaced.") 1.reissue a valid card for another try;
    2.step: "system maintenance" ->"card replacement" -> set an early "Replacement Time" and then issue relative "Replacement Card" -> swipe "Authorised Card" on the lock then swipe this "Replacement Card" on the lock to reset the start time of the lock.
    6 blue light*1 + beep*2 + red light*4 key card has been reported lost. 1.Reissue a new valid key card;
    2.Cancel report lost for this card.(step: “Card management” -> "Report lost Card" -> "assign: cancel report lost card" -> press Button "Issue Report Lost Card" -> swipe "Authorised Card" on the lock or access reader -> swipe this "Cancel Report Lost Card" on the lock or access reader to do the canceling)
    7 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*5 The card is not issued from valid Jktech software. Issue a valid key card from valid Jktech software:L4 offline locking management system or L6 bluetooth mobile key locking management system.
    8 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*6 management card, like clock card, instal card, stop card and so on which needs "Authorized Card" to authorise first. swipe "Authorised Card" on door lock or access reader first -> then swipe other management cards.
    9 blue light*1 + beep*1 + red light*8 Door lock or access reader is under stop mode, only master card, emergency card or mechanical key can open. Swipe "Authorised card" and then swipe "Stop Card" again to cancel stop mode on door lock or access reader if necessary.
    10 blue light*1 + beep*1 Door lock or access reader can be opened normally normal
    11 blue light*1 + beep*1 + Red*1+ beep*3 Lock is in low battery status although it can be opened by key cards for 50 times. From 51th opening door lock, all valid key cards must swipe 3 times to open the lock until the batteries used up.(This is a reminder for administrator to change batteries) replace the old batteries with new ones ASAP
    12 blue light*1 + beep*2 The door is open by "Temporary Guset Card". (how to generate: swipe a "Spare Card" cut from JKtech software on door lock -> swipe any blank card with JKtech encryption -> then this blank card becomes a "Temporary Guset Card".) Suggestion: User should make a spare card in case of the power cut or system breaks down.(at that moment user cannot issue key cards by system normally.)
    13 blue light*1 + short beep*1 + long beep*1 electronic hotel lock or access reader is programed successful by "Authorized card" or "Clock Card" or "installation card" or handheld terminal. normal
    14 red light flickers in every 5 seconds when swiping key card Lock is double locked but the key card does not have the right to open. issue a valid key card with right to open double lock(privacy)
    15 red and blue light flickers with alarm Door lock doesn’t close properly and the latches are pressed by door frame, triggering the embedded alarm switch. Close the door properly and let the latches retract into mortise normally.
    16 red light is solid on When user open door lock by metal key or do the munipulation of compulsory authorization. normal
    17 beep*1 + blue light*1 + short beep*2 The lock is under stay open mode so no need to swipe key card to open door. normal

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