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Auxiliary RFID cards kit tool for locks

including 5 special cards that cannot be cut from our software and it is used to get firmware information or open record. It is a optional component and part of hotel lock accessories.

Information Card: is to get door lock and access reader's basic firmware information, work with Data Card below separately

click here to learn how to cut a "Information Card"

Information Card to retrieve RFID card lock information

Record Card No.1-No.3 combination: is to get recent 1000pieces unlocked record together, work with Data Card below

click here to learn how to cut "Record Card No.1-No.3 combo"

record card No.1 of 1000 record
record card No.2 of 1000 record
record card No.3 of 1000 record

200-Record Card: is to get recent 200pieces unlocked record, work with Data Card below separately

click here to learn how to cut a "200-Record Card"

record card 200pcs record

"Data Card": is to turn the lock into data download mode and coordinate with above "Information Card" / "Record Card No.1-3 combination" / "200-Record Card" , which is generated / cut from our lock management software by user himself

click here to learn how to cut a "Data Card"

data card to switch electronic door lock and access reader into data retrieving mode

Introduction of other functional cards

When clicking L3/L4 software -> Card management, you will see multiple cards type of different function. Those special cards are very useful for building owner to manage his building or apartment as daily maintenance.

special card management
  • Read card: to obtain key card basic information.
  • Clock card:to update the time of the lock. It must be used with Authorised card.
  • Area card:can open all rooms in the appointed area.
  • Building card:can open all rooms and building gate in the appointed building.
  • Gate card:can open all gates in the appointed building.
  • Floor card:can open all rooms and floor gate in the appointed floor of one building.
  • Emergency card:it is used to set all doors to stay open(passage mode).If some parameters are modified,it can make the lock give out alarm. one of the highest-level key card
  • Master card:can open all locks. one of the highest-level key card!
  • Spare card:Swipe spare card, and then swipe a blank card. Then this blank card becomes a valid temporary guest card to unlock the door until a formal guest card swipe on the door. It can be used for worker to open the door temporarily.
  • Data card:to retrieve card information and audit records.
  • Check-out card:Present "Check-out card" to invalidate all existing guest cards of the door locks
  • Meeting card:
  • to set the door lock to stay open(passage mode). If present it on the lock again, passage mode of the lock will turn to normal mode.
  • Stop card:user can present "Authorised Card" and then present "Stop Card" to stop the door lock from accepting most of the cards except "Master Card" and "Emergency Card". If same operation is repeated, the lock will return to normal status.
  • Report lost card:by presenting "Report loss card" after "Authorised Card",we can do operations of "Empty blacklist", "Report lost" and "Cancel report lost" on different types of cards.
  • Visitor card:it allows the visitors to access specific public door on the building but this card cannot unlock guest room.
  • Power card:only to obtain power from the specific energy saving switch from the room, specific energy saving switch is required
  • Authorised card:"Authorised card" is the top management card. It can be used with other management cards to program the lock and other devices. It is like a passport of lock management system.
  • Hand terminal: a hardware device to program the lock(not necessary device,click here to check handheld terminal usage)