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Biometric Residential Lock

Let's bid farewell to conventional metal keys with JK Tech residential locks,which integrates bluetooth, fingerprint, password, key card and mechanical key functions.

Further more Some of our lock model can also be open by remotely assigned password and bluetooth key via wechat(remark: This function is available if your country can use wechat freely).

Superiority of smart residential lock

  • based on remote control, fingerprint recognition and RFID technology, easy to open the door. Good for Airbnb/house/apartment owners to remotely manage its property or real estate when the lessee refuses to pay off their house rent.
  • no need to worry about losing key. (But we remain backup key just in case)
  • The locks embeded with BLE module can be accessed both by RFID key cards and mobile keys,which will offer users excellent experience on opening door.
  • X-series adopts SUS304 stainless steel panel that is of long lifespan, durable construction.
  • The lock of X-series that has keypad can support remote unlock and remote distribute temporary password by APP.
  • X-series SS resident lock can withstand the harsh climate from high UV to high salt corrosion.
  • X-series stainless steel resident lock is designed to be of slim width (only 37mm on width) to adapt thermally-broken aluminium* door or window whose frame is quite narrow.
  • multiple types of door lock mortise for different customers and existing door to choose from.
  • *What is thermally-broken aluminium? Thermally-broken aluminium utilizes a resin situated between the inside and outside of the frame and sash in order to create insulation buffer against the outside atmosphere. The aluminium door and window frame and sash counteract the metal material’s high thermal conductivity rate.

Smart resident locks with Chinese 6068 mortise:

SUS Slim panel locks with narrow mortise(X series) :