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Cost-effective fingerprint door lock M12-MDT

This model integrates biometrical recognition tech, PIN code, RFID card and mechanical key functions. Our fingerprint door locks are securely strong and brings convenience to people, which are widely adopted at house, apartment, villas, office, school, ocean liner and so on.

SUS304 stainless steel clutch mechanism and panel will greatly extend the whole service lifespan of the lock. The favorable price of this simply concise fingerprint door lock can be affordable by ordinary family.

Lock Panel Appearance:

concise fingerprint lock | DIY electric lock M12
Cost-effective smart resident lock M12

Fingerprint lock Panel Size:

dimension of model M12-MDT

Exploded View of smart resident lock M12:

installation demo 1 of M12

Open Methods:

RFID key card

override metal key

RFID key card

RFID key card

USB emergency charge port

USB charge port


PIN code input



Bluetooth low energy feature

bluetooth via App(optional)

Finish Options:

lock panel matt black finish

Dark Gray

satin silver finish

Satin Silver

Smart Fingerprint Lock Specification:

  • lock running mode: DIY mode or software mode
  • mortise options:60mm backset (2-3/8 inches) 6068 mortise or 70mm backset (2-3/4 inches) ANSI mortise;
  • front panel size:Height:330mm, Width:65mm, thickness:less than 12mm
    back panel size:Height:330mm, Width:65mm; thickness:less than 20mm(MAX)
  • gross weight:3.3kg per lockset including package;
  • major metal material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • deadbolt type:mechanical deadbolt for privacy;
  • adaptable door thickness:30mm to 55mm;
  • bluetooth key function:available on Tencent Wechat App;
  • fingerprint storage: 100 pieces;
  • fingerprint reading angle:front side of finger;
  • PIN code storage:10 groups;
  • PIN code type: Number 0 to Number 9;
  • PIN code length: 6 to 10 digits
  • anti-peeping: upto 30digit virtual code to avoid from peeping while inputting real PIN code;
  • self-lock alarm:after 5 times wrong PIN code input attempt;
  • key cards type:Mifare S50 1K key card complies with ISO14443A standard ;
  • RFID card working Frequency:13.56MHz;
  • RFID Card reading distance: 0 to 5cm (relying on real electromagnetic environment);
  • memory storage:1K pieces of recent open record;
  • Power supply:powered by 4*1.5V AA or 8*1.5V AA (LR6) Lithium polymer batteries / Zinc–carbon battery(zinc-manganese dry battery). Zinc-carbon battery is recommended because there is seldom battery leakage problem. User may purchase quality batteries locally;
  • batteries life span: 12-18months depending on capacity of batteries and use frequency;
  • Working voltage:4.5V-6.5V, if less than 4.7V, low battery warning will be made when presenting any valid administration cards in hotel lock mode; or presenting any valid key cards in DIY lock mode;
  • Low voltage warning:available;
  • Static current: < 20μA (standalone version); < 40μA (bluetooth version);
  • Dynamic current: < 100mA (standalone version); < 160mA (bluetooth version);
  • auto-locking feature: when swipe valid key card if user doesn't open the door within 3 seconds, the door will be locked again automatically.
  • Working temperature:0℃ to +60℃; ideal working temperature: 15 to 25; notice: if atmosphere temperature is lower than 4℃ or higher than 40℃, batteries performance will become weaker.Therefore, please consult with your battery supplier for details;
  • Storage condition: 0℃ to 80℃; keep dry; avoid exposure of directly in sunshine (Ultraviolet ray in sunshine will damage the molecule structure of plastic and make the plastic parts on the lock become crispy and fragile gradually.); avoid exposure of acid and alkaline chemical; avoid frozen; Humidity: 10~90% Relative Humidity(RH);
  • M12 smart apartment lock manaual