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fingerprint lock for narrow door frame

As its pretty and quite a slim size(37mm on width), made of high quality SUS304, with two unlocking methods including fingerprint(residential lock type), conventional back up mechanical key, this will be a excellent smart lock for heat-insulated aluminum alloy doors or windows (thermally-broken aluminium① doors or windows). It can be applied for the projects of ordinary home, schools, hospital, hostel, motel and hotel②.

SS smart lock for thermally broken aluminium window and door

Remark①:What is thermally-broken aluminium? Thermally-broken aluminium utilizes a resin situated between the inside and outside of the frame and sash in order to create insulation buffer against the outside atmosphere. The aluminium door and window frame and sash counteract the metal material’s high thermal conductivity rate.

Remark②:This lock model can be modified into software RFID electronic lock mode for hotel, apartment or student accommodation application as well.Click to check its card lock model

thermally broken aluminium window and door lock waterproof PCB

If customer has requirement for outdoors installation, potted gel can be used to seal the PCB in case of damage by rain water. (refer to illustration)

Its size is as sexy as a beautiful girl and its material is as strong as a soldier. It can be widely used on heat-Insulated aluminum alloy door, glass door with frame, sliding door of balcony, side hung door in office and etc.

Lock Panel Finish:

concise narrow mortise fingerprint lock X30/X300 of antique copper finish
Fingerprint type antique copper finish
stainless steel narrow mortise fingerprint lock of original silver finish
Fingerprint type satin silver finish

Lock Dimension:

dimension of X30/X300 thermally Broken Aluminium Windows and Door lock

Installation demo:

installation demo 1 of biolock X30
installation demo 2 of biolock X30
installation demo 3 of biolock X30
installation demo 4 of biolock X30

Lock Firmware Options:

diy lock no need software mode

Under this mode, user can config key cards, fingerprint, password(PIN code) on the smart digital lock directly without compenhensive electronic lock management software in short time. It can be applied on fields of small hotel, hostel, office, apartment and residence house.

software mode lock

Under this mode, administrator can config multi-functional key cards of different purpose on a relevant software to manage numerous doors and rooms in a hotel or a school accomodation easily.

metal key

override metal key

USB emergency charge port

USB charge port


Fingerprint (optional)

BLE bluetooth lock

bluetooth via China Wechat(optional)

Finish Options:

antique copper finish

Antique Copper

lock panel matt black finish

Polished Black

satin silver finish

Satin Silver

satin gold finish

Satin Gold

Installation video of SUS304 slim panel lock

narrow fingerprint lock specification:

  • Model: X300(fingerprint lock)
  • lock running mode: residential DIY mode
  • front panel size:Height:290mm, Width:37mm, thickness:less than 55mm including handle
    back panel size:Height:290mm, Width:37mm; thickness:less than 50mm including handle(MAX)
  • gross weight:2.5kg per lockset including package;
  • major metal material: Stainless Steel SUS304
  • mortise options: EU profile mortise for side hung door or EU profile mortise for sliding door ;
  • cylinder type:standard EU cylinder or special China cylinder depending on mortise type;
  • backup metal key: available;
  • LCD display:NA
  • adaptable door thickness:28mm to 70mm;
  • emergency power supply:Micro USB port charge
  • bluetooth key function:unlock by China "Wechat" App or open by Tuya App;
  • fingerprint storage: 99 pieces;
  • key cards type:Mifare S50 1K key card complies with ISO14443A standard ;
  • RFID card working Frequency:13.56MHz;
  • RFID Card reading distance: 0 to 3cm relying on real electromagnetic environment;
  • Power supply:powered by 4*1.5V AA or 8*1.5V AA (LR6) Lithium polymer batteries / Zinc–carbon battery(zinc-manganese dry battery). Zinc-carbon battery is recommended because there is seldom battery leakage problem. User may purchase quality batteries locally;
  • batteries life span: 12-18months depending on capacity of batteries and use frequency;
  • Working voltage:4.5V-6.5V;
  • Low voltage warning:enabled in default if battery voltage is less than 4.7V;
  • Working temperature:0℃ to +60℃; ideal working temperature: 15 to 25; notice: if atmosphere temperature is lower than 4℃ or higher than 40℃, batteries performance will become weaker.Therefore, please consult with your battery supplier for battery performance details;
  • Storage condition: 0℃ to 60℃; keep dry; avoid exposure of directly in sunshine (Ultraviolet ray in sunshine will damage the molecule structure of plastic and make the plastic parts on the lock become crispy and fragile gradually.); avoid exposure of acid and alkaline chemical; avoid frozen; Humidity: 10~90% Relative Humidity(RH);