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Energy Saving Switch, Smart Key card Switch

JK Tech revolutionary solution to reduce energy consumption and minimize wastage. Our smart key card energy saving switches can control all commonly used appliances, including lights, air conditioners and TVs.

We can simply insert a JK Tech keycard into the energy saving switch(energy saver) to energize the room’s power circuits and no need of other electronic switch.

It is to reduce energy consumption and minimize power wastage

energy saving switch

high frequency 13.56mhz card energy saving switch accept specific room card

Energy Saver Benefits

  • Reduced energy consumption. Lights, TVs etc cannot be left on with the card removed from the device
  • Safe and secure – cannot be bypassed, only accepts JK Tech's keycard made for that specific room
  • Available in a variety of finishes

JK Tech offers a variety of energy saving solutions:

Note: a qualified electrician is required to install the devices and all associated wiring.

Usage of energy saver:

Insert a relevant key card to gain power; about 10-15 seconds power cut delay after withdraw the card from card sleeve; LED indicator light turn red to blue; When guest get in the room,insert card to gain power for room, appliances. When guest leaves room and take out key card from energy saving switch, power will be delay to cut off in order to protect circuit of electric appliances.

Acting as the main switch within the room, the indoor energy saving switches are a very effective method of reducing the energy overhead. The guest/resident is forced to remove the key card upon exit, due to the fact that it is required to regain entry upon the return. Accurate cost saving are dependent upon exact occupancy rates, however on average a hotel would operate at a 65% occupancy - where the guest is in the room on average 30-50% of the time. If there are currently heating and lighting a room when nobody is in it, then cost savings should be recognized very quickly

Specification of smart key card switch

Model Purpose Working voltage MAX output Self power consumption Acceptable key card type Delay power-off(keycard taken) MCU Processor Size(mm) Lifespan Working temperature Working humidity Finish option
JK-SW2K Hotel room power supply control AC100~250V 50/60Hz 220V 30A < 0.2W Mifare EV1/2/3 S50 15 seconds Non-programmable 86*86*32mm >100,000 times contact -10℃~60℃ 10~95%RH white/gold/black
JK-SW6000-RMF 220V 16A*1 output Mifare EV1/2/3 S50(only accept correct room card cut by system) programmable 24MHz/64K 86*86*42mm
LK-SW3016-RMF 220V 16A*2 output Mifare EV1/2/3 S50(only accept correct room card cut by system) 86*86*43mm

Application demo of smart energy saver switch

Application demo of smart energy saver switch

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