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L6 Mobile keys locking system

Mobile locking system features

revolutionary mobile access control.

JKtech Mobile Keys does away with all forms of physical keys by giving users the ability to open doors using their smartphone. The user simply installs the JKtech Mobile Keys app on their phone.

The operator then sends a secure ‘key’ encrypted via the cloud with the appropriate access credentials.

Once in the vicinity of the door, the phone can be used to activate the lock using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.

Opening hotel door locks by smartphone

mobile key

How does it work?

  • User downloads JKtech Mobile Keys app (Android) and registers their email address
  • Operator uses JKtech L6 software to generate Mobile Key for specific door(s) and specific duration
  • The Mobile Key is encrypted and sent to smart phone via secure server in the cloud server
  • User can now see all valid Mobile Keys in the app. They select the required door, and simply tap ‘unlock’ at the door

L6 Jkey android app

JKey mobile App Android version (required at least 5.0 LOLLIPOP)


  • Modern, convenient and seamless operation
  • Mobile Keys and keycards issued from L6 bluetooth mobile key locking management system which is very similar as L4 system and easy to learn.
  • Mobile Keys can be issued and revoked remotely off-site
  • Mobile Keys can be integrated into the operator’s own app
  • Lost or damaged key cards is a thing of the past
  • Quick and easy access to rooms
  • Autonomous check-in available, frees up front-of-house staff
  • Strengthens user loyalty, gives operators a competitive edge

Ideal for

  • Conventional hinged doors
  • Automated sliding doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Car park barriers and automatic gates
  • Elevators / Lifts
  • Disabled Door Access