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access control wall reader

Access Control Proximity Reader

The perfect solution for public doors with medium to high levels of traffic: the JKtech Access Control wall reader. Using RFID contactless technology, our wall readers suit reception areas, main entrances and other public spaces.

The reader communicates with one powersupply controller unit which instructs the electro-magnetic lock (or other suitable device) to open the door. The Controller also provides the reader with its DC 12 volt power supply.

Our Access Control wall readers and Controller units are hard-wired, requiring electrical installation and a AC220 volt mains power supply.

This access reader is a good solution for public doors with medium to high level of traffic

DC12V access reader,contactless wall reader

proximity reader Dimension1
proximity reader Dimension2

proximity reader exploded view

access control reader

Pros of Access Reader

  • Discreet appearance and Robust design
  • Highly convenient, works in conjunction with JKtech contactless Mifare RFID key cards, fobs or wristbands.
  • Can be used online or offline. When used online, Controller communicates with JK Tech L4 standalone locking management system. This allows remote control, cancellation and issuing of access tokens (JK Tech contactless Mifare key cards, fobs and wristbands).

Learn about our integrated L6 online locking management system.

The fields that can apply to

  • Conventional hinged doors
  • Automated sliding doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Car park barriers and automatic gates
  • Elevators or Lifts
  • Disabled Door Access

Instruction of terminal connection when wall reader is used for standalone/offline usage

Access Wall Reader to DC12V Power Supply

Cable of Access Reader Terminal of Power Supply
Red cable DC12V
White(COM) and Black(GND of Access Reader) cable GND
either Purple (NO of Access Reader)
or Orange(NC of Access Reader)

Electric Lock to DC12V Power Supply

Cable of electric lock Terminal of Power Supply
Black cable GND
Red cable NC(for NC type electric lock)
NO(for NO type electric lock)

Exit Push Button to DC12V Power Supply

Cable of exit push button Terminal of Power Supply
one dry contact GND
the other dry contact PUSH